Friday, December 5, 2008

After Effects

Progress on AE is stready and I'll be able to make descent videos with it soon.
WoW Model Viewer has been fixed so I'm back on track.

I'd like to thanks X-Cross for the help and giving me some guidelines along the way. :)

There might still be a shot at WeGame's Contest, if not the WCM contest but I'm short on ideas and time too. So I don't think I'll be any good in contests this month. I'll try think of something, my X-Mass parties are kinda dull so, yeah... ¬_¬"

Right now I'm working on Alpine's Requiem Opening as well as the Main Script and Introduction Episode Script. Expect the Intro to be released somewhere in late December or January, due to the absence of a VA. However, Outlaws of Azeroth EP1 should be released in December so look forward to that. :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

WeGame X-Mass Contest

Its that time of the year again, the tree is already up.
Celebrations have already begun including in WeGame as they launched a new contest.

However, I've decided to pass this contest to take my time learning After Effects. Outlaws of Azeroth and a piece of Alpine's Requiem will be done in December while I try get used to After Effects.

I'd like to wish X-Cross and Calix good luck and may the best video win.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Honorable Once Again


I luckily found a Fan Update of WMV while stuck with the 3.0.2 problem and managed to create a machinima. However, things were limited due to the massive amounts of bugs as well as the limited camera angles with MapViewer and WMT unavailable.

I managed to wrap this video up in a night between my revision periods. Yeah, exams were pretty much on my back and I had nearly no time to spare but I managed to find a night to work on this. In the end, it was worth the shot when I ended up with "Honorable Mention" once again.

WoW 3.0.2! Patch Up!.... Oh Crap!

Yeah, me being a dumbass patched up to 3.0.2 not realizing it would mess up Model Viewer and WMT! So no machinima could be made. I patched up in the Halloween Period and it completely ruined my chanced at the Halloween Contests. Another great screw up about this is that no updates are ready not even in December and now a Christmas contest at WeGame has launched.

I realized reinstalling was my only way out so I got some help from X-Cross! I'm passing the Christmas contest due to my limited time left so when everything is back and running, I'll get started on Outlaws of Azeroth Episode 1.

Burn em up!

Somewhere After August

After the WeGame contest, I got a little more active in the WeGame community and decided to throw in some "Burns", a WeGame tradition to weekly embarrass our two awesome hosts Oxhorn and Gorndt of the Weekly Video Review. I made 3 burns in total and by my luck all of them got featured! It was a blast! I haven't made any more lately but I might make a bunch more eventually.

August with WeGame's Machinima Contest

Somewhere in July - August

This was my entry for the WeGame August Machinima Contest.

This was my second machinima project and this time I could do it on whatever I liked and so I came up with Outlaws of Azeroth. A Comedy that follows the adventure of two failures in the World of Warcraft who strive for success.

My video placed as "Honorable Mention". I couldn't be any happier to place among the few 12 out of 120 videos alongside great people such as Olibith, FireboltPro, Pinkhair and Martin Falch!

Another great thanks to my voice actors Incogneatus and RaditzTheRadish who made it all possible for me! Along the way, I also met some great people such as X-Cross, DragonPower and even got to chat and get to know some of the greats! A really fun contest where it wasn't really about winning, but just having fun and creating a great video to entertain and make some people laugh!

(This video is now uploaded by as an intro to me sequel "Outlaws of Azeroth")

A Kickstart!

Somewhere in May 2008

This was my entry to the Blizzard Machinima Contest.
The objective was to make a music video for the L70ETC song "Rogues Do It From Behind".

This was the first Machinima I ever made as well as the first machinima I ever published and to my surprise it ended up hooking the Grand Prize! I couldn't be any happier and at that point, messing around with Vegas for a couple of weeks really became worth the time.

I had lots of fun with this movie and I couldn't be any more satisfied with it as a first! Thanks for all the support Kevin, Guido, Victor and Daryl!