Friday, December 5, 2008

After Effects

Progress on AE is stready and I'll be able to make descent videos with it soon.
WoW Model Viewer has been fixed so I'm back on track.

I'd like to thanks X-Cross for the help and giving me some guidelines along the way. :)

There might still be a shot at WeGame's Contest, if not the WCM contest but I'm short on ideas and time too. So I don't think I'll be any good in contests this month. I'll try think of something, my X-Mass parties are kinda dull so, yeah... ¬_¬"

Right now I'm working on Alpine's Requiem Opening as well as the Main Script and Introduction Episode Script. Expect the Intro to be released somewhere in late December or January, due to the absence of a VA. However, Outlaws of Azeroth EP1 should be released in December so look forward to that. :)


Guy Incognito said...

*looks forward to it*

X-Cross said...

Update your blog Red! >:( You have to brag about being a memeber of A6! :P