Tuesday, December 2, 2008

August with WeGame's Machinima Contest

Somewhere in July - August

This was my entry for the WeGame August Machinima Contest.

This was my second machinima project and this time I could do it on whatever I liked and so I came up with Outlaws of Azeroth. A Comedy that follows the adventure of two failures in the World of Warcraft who strive for success.

My video placed as "Honorable Mention". I couldn't be any happier to place among the few 12 out of 120 videos alongside great people such as Olibith, FireboltPro, Pinkhair and Martin Falch!

Another great thanks to my voice actors Incogneatus and RaditzTheRadish who made it all possible for me! Along the way, I also met some great people such as X-Cross, DragonPower and even got to chat and get to know some of the greats! A really fun contest where it wasn't really about winning, but just having fun and creating a great video to entertain and make some people laugh!

(This video is now uploaded by Machinima.com as an intro to me sequel "Outlaws of Azeroth")

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