Saturday, July 25, 2009

The 24th was NOT my day!

OMG the 24th was so horrible and allow me to explain to you retards reading this why!

1) From the night of the 23rd all the way to the end of 24th, I was unable to submit my Blizcon entry (yes I made one) because of Blizzard's awesome website.

2) Being pissed because of 1), I decided to blow off some steam on a bike ride. The thing is, I fell doing a wheelie... I went a little too high. So after getting up, I realized my hands were too fucked to participate in the upcoming race on the 2nd.

3) On my wonderful bloody journey back home, I freaked out my parents being drenched in blood. And then looking back at my bike, I realized the footpeg vaporized.

4) It was then 3 hours left in submission time after I got myself mummified in bandages. I had a party to attend to in 1 hour. The submission page STILL had an error. I simply gave up.

5) I went to the party in hopes of getting rid of my sadness and failurosities. It failed. With all those covered up injuries nobody saw, I experienced a living hell every time people brushed against my shoulder and arm and when idiot friends would lean on my shoulder and pull my arm. When I got home, I realized my bandages were drenched because the wounds kept opening. (I bet you're all like EWWW right now)

6) I got home tired as a.. uhm... as... IDK I got home tired!!! So I went to sleep.. which was at like 4 am.

But here is where it got a little better...

1) I woke up at 8 because I failed to sleep mummified like the ones in egypt. (yes its good because...)

2) I switched on my pc and got spam from my good sir X-Cross that there is hope for my failure entry to be submitted. It had been extended by 12 hours.

3) I looked at the PST time and realized I had only 1 hour left to submit. (If i decided to sleep in which is usually me waking up at 3 or 5... damn that would have sucked.)

4) I managed to submit my entry even though I doubt it'll be any good in the competition.

5) There was a Solero left in the freezer for me to nom nom nom.

Seriously it was pretty fail, I hated that day but I'm about to have a few worse days... The day my results get to my parents, I hope I'll still be alive to write in this shitty blog!


X-Cross said...

LOL xD, omg I would feel sorry for you if you wouldn't wake up xD

Mushanga said...

Man that sucks. Good thing you could submit in the end :)
Good luck with the mummy thing! :P