Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Dedication

I don't usually write on this blog, but every now and then I decide to write things up on a few occasions. I wanna put some time into a dedication for a good friend of mine. He might be living a thousand miles away but I admire him as the most successful Machinimator and friend ever. None of his success was from luck, this was a pure showcase of skill, talent and hardwork and he deserves every second of happiness from this achievement. (and all the past ones :P)

We started machinima at about the same time and we only met after a tough competition. After the competitive atmosphere settled, I decided to befriend the fellow competitors. I'm glad I did! We both placed "Honorable Mention" and from that day we decided to work our skills up together and help each other out.

That same guy now has won several contests back to back, his creativity and imagination which he pours in his videos is something else. I was lucky enough to get some lessons from him :P If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have been able to pull off any of my recent videos! I owe all my subscribers to him. I'm kinda slacking behind the editing but I'll catch up in time to repay him for the time he took to explain my slow little head AE.

The 21st and 22nd has been a MAJOR thrill to the machinima community. The 2009 Blizzcon contest! ... tsk who needs a corny comedian and even cornier band... (I'm sorry but their live performance is icky.. just MY opinion) The Machinima Contest was the real show of the whole Blizzcon.

Unfortunately my entry sadly did not place, but I really have no regret. I pulled off a watchable movie in 2 days time which is enough of an achievement for me. However, to see the person who took just a little more hours time than me grasp the Grand Prize was simply amazing. "Not funny" my ass -_-... "Pretty fail" my god damn ass!!! The moment you sent me that video I knew it was guaranteed a spot no matter the odds.

On my part, I plan to continue the Dude What's My Class stuff but I'll only make my second in December which is after my major exams. I will also release Gigi's video as well as my very own movie with an actual story which will steal your hearts :D *hopefully*

Anyways, I'm gonna eat a pizza now so once again, Congrats to you dude, no matter what people say, you deserve this and never stop what you do! I've always looked up to you dude so don't ever change that!

lol my blog sucks :P


X-Cross said...

AW MAN! Thanks alot dude! Man, you are just giving me way too much cred. You have thought me alot also. You're awesome Red! Just awesome to the maximal level of awesomeness! ^^

Mushanga said...

Nice post and, by the sounds of it, very true :)

Keep up the good work you two, and if you feel the need to spill some editing secrets, don't hesitate to tell me :P

Mikael said...

When is the frontline movie ready?